Unposted Letter by Mahatria Ra

Success is in the big things.
Happiness is in the small things.
Meditation is in nothing.
God is in everything.
That’s Life

I picked this book randomly scrolling on amazon book suggestion page without much of thoughts but I am happy I have read this book, this is great self-book in which every chapter is a gem in itself and have made me think a lot about my behavior, continues thoughts coming in my head and how I interact/behaves with people around me. It helps me in self retrospection and has helped to improve overall personality, but still, there is a lot to be experienced in life.

Even some chapter heading from the book can put you in deep thinking about your life.

  • Consistent and never-ending self-improvement is the only way.
  • Without happiness, there is no life. Without dissatisfaction, there is no growth. Be happily dissatisfied.

I still remember the day when I was not feeling good about my current state and how things going around me, life was not going as planned feeling low at that time and have no one to talk about it, I just read few pages from the book and slept peacefully.

A must-read for the people who want to feel happy and I am sure everyone wants to :). Closing the post with a poem/quote from the book.

At birth, your life was a plain canvas.
Your potential is the colors.
Your choices are the stroke on the canvas.

At death, this canvas
will either be a treasured masterpiece
or an unnoticed scribbling.

That would be the judgment day
on how good a painter you were
in painting your life.

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