How to speak ?

From the past few days I was exploring different resources and How’s to guide to improve my public skills and then stumble upon a great video How To Speak by Patrick Winston. So, here are my notes from that video, enjoy!

How to Start

  • Don’t start with a Joke.
  • Start with the promise by telling them the things they will know at the end of the talk.
  • Build a fence around your idea and be clear what you are going to talk about and should repeat it in the talk.
  • Ask question, this usually helps you to engage people present in the talk, remember that question should not be too easy or too hard.

Time and Space

  • Choose the time of the talk very wisely, so that people joining the talk should be energetic, avoid the time after the lunch as people will be a bit drowsy at that time.
  • Be Always comfortable with the space where you are going to talk, if necessary visit that place beforehand to get familiar with.
  • Space should be well lit.

Tool of the Trade

  • Board
  • Props


  • Remove unnecessary things from slides, it should have meaningful lines only.
  • Font size should be big enough.
  • Don’t read the slides while giving talk, always give time to the listener to read the slides.

How to Stop

  • Don’t end the slide with, Thank You.
  • End it with the contributions, or a Joke 🙂

~ Always remember that Knowledge and practice is greater than talent.


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