Chanakya Neeti by B.K. Chaturvedi

So another book read, this book is different from all other books I have read before which are not many though 😛 . B.K. Chaturvedi has beautifully explained Chanakya teaching in this book ranging from The Individual, Society, Good Company, General Observation. Chanakya is one of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in Indian history. Chanakya’s all great wisdom is well stated in this book in the form of shlokas/saying in both English and Sanskrit language with explanation. Chanakya with his knowledge and teaching turn Chandragupta Maurya into emperor of one of the largest-ever empires on India. Let me share some of that teaching with you.

No disease is more deadly than desire, no enemy is more dangerous than infatuation, no fire is hotter than the fire of wrath and no happiness is better than self-knowledge.

If one craves of comfort, then he should drop the idea of studying and if one wants to study sincerely then he should stop craving for comfort. One cannot get comfort and education simultaneously.

Knowledge and guess, both, must be used while examining the possible consequences of a job to be undertaken.

Book is filled with these type of Shlokas/Saying which gives quality knowledge about different perspective about life. A must read for the one who want to know Chanakya’s Neeti.

Happy Reading 🙂

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind

I came across this book on the Knowledge Project blog post where naval mentioned this book. It’s an enjoyable ride which begins from 13.5 billion years back when Matter and energy appear and where the beginning of physics and chemistry happens to today’s world where we are building Super Humans and Cyborg and many more things…

Long long back we have more than one species of human, Homo rudlofensis, Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalenis are the one which we are aware off, but now we the Homo sapiens have only survived and is at the top of the food chain, because we Sapiens have the capability of imagination and thinking which make us different from others species. This unique quality makes us able to survive for such a long time, though the survival come with the extinction of other species. Way back we Sapiens used to live in the small social group mainly hundred of people even less, which was a common way of surviving and alike these groups there were many groups spread vastly over the earth. These groups have there own set of rules and regulation which were followed by all in which powerful men hunt to feed all other people of the group which was the main source of food apart from wild grasses or fruits.

Then comes the Agriculture Revolution which shifted us from hunting to growing crops(mainly wheat) and even started accumulating the food for the bad time. This was a big change as before we were not bound to one place we move from one place to another and depends on the group to survive but because of crop cultivation people start living in one place and starting spending more and more time on fields looking after the crops all day long and building houses around the fields so that they can take care of the crops days and night. Sapiens become good at this as they were able to estimate the rain or drought effectively and able to survive on the stored food in bad time. This makes people stick at one place which in turn raise many physical problems as Sapiens body was not used to it.

We did not domesticate wheat.It domesticated us.The word domesticate come from Latin 'domus' which mean house.Who's the one living in a house? Not the wheat. It's the Sapiens

Sapiens started acquiring more and more land for crop cultivation which lead to dispute with each other, to handle these dispute we start laying imaginative laws and belief so that people follow these rules and live happily with each other but this eventually leads to boundaries, city, state, country and that happy is lost. The people start trading with each other with resources and then money came into existence which basically solves a lot of problems and standardize the exchange of the things. Money brings more scope of business and standard in trading which ultimately made people explore more and more which leads us to Scientific Revolution.

Scientific Revolution opens all new path of exploration and discoveries of medicine, god particle, different planets, and artificial intelligence which eventually lead to an easy complex life. Now humans are surrounded by things which might not even be imagined back before. Humans are also able to build cyborg and are in the process of creating a Superhuman and are ready to colonize planet around the earth(Mars we are coming :P). These also have a varying degree of effect on human life, like average life of human has increased greatly due to medicines, transportation has become easy people can compute from one corner of the earth to others even outside :).

Scientific Revolution is still in the continuous phase , what it can bring next is unknown, but this is Our journey from that Animal to God. Will end the post with a quote quoted from Bhagavad Gita by Robert Oppenheimer after the first atomic bomb was detonated.

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

Photo by Hammad Siddiqui on Unsplash

Music for productivity

Past few days back I have finished my Learning How to Learn course from Coursera recommended by Jason Braganza.

So here sharing a piece of knowledge from the course, that can really help you to increase productivity. We all love to hear music while working, but did you ever give a thought about which music genre you should here while working? So, here is straight advice from people who have tried this out.

Classical Music : If your work involves numbers or attention to detail

Pop music : If your work involves data entry or working to deadlines

Ambient music : If your work involves solving equations

Dance music : If your work involves proof-reading and problem solving


Love to hear from you if you know more music genre, or have playlist of your own productive music. Thanks to  Mark Solarski for the cover image.

Failure with a Crown

Here come an another failure in Life, On 17th Sept 2016 first placement drive held at our college and was all excited and was well prepared for it, but life has other plans for me.

Drive have to start with pre-placement talk but it stared with the aptitude and vat round.So the round stared, Enter the lab to give my best, aptitude round goes good and than come the vat round in which have to write essay of 300 words to my fortune the topic which I got is “Is social media good to discuss political issue?”. I was half happy and can easily form more words on social media but political issue is like alien topic to me.
But have to start and have to complete 300-400 words in 30 min time stamp and but to my luck I only can finish around 270 word and was all worried, head towards to the pre-placemnet talk area and was eagerly waiting for the result and after long wait of about 2 hours result announced that only 22 student cleared the round, confidence which was some where up the ground get deep in earth after hearing this.Now they started calling the name of selected student, was wishing that my name should com in between from anywhere, but God have something else for me and I was not selected.So all show cam to an end selected student went for interview with a smile on their face.I collected my stuff and walk towards my college bus with smile that God has prepared something good for me.

Story continues till next drive stay tuned..