Failure with a Crown

Here come an another failure in Life, On 17th Sept 2016 first placement drive held at our college and was all excited and was well prepared for it, but life has other plans for me.

Drive have to start with pre-placement talk but it stared with the aptitude and vat round.So the round stared, Enter the lab to give my best, aptitude round goes good and than come the vat round in which have to write essay of 300 words to my fortune the topic which I got is “Is social media good to discuss political issue?”. I was half happy and can easily form more words on social media but political issue is like alien topic to me.
But have to start and have to complete 300-400 words in 30 min time stamp and but to my luck I only can finish around 270 word and was all worried, head towards to the pre-placemnet talk area and was eagerly waiting for the result and after long wait of about 2 hours result announced that only 22 student cleared the round, confidence which was some where up the ground get deep in earth after hearing this.Now they started calling the name of selected student, was wishing that my name should com in between from anywhere, but God have something else for me and I was not selected.So all show cam to an end selected student went for interview with a smile on their face.I collected my stuff and walk towards my college bus with smile that God has prepared something good for me.

Story continues till next drive stay tuned..