This Saturday, I went to ILUG-BOM meet-up which was on Image processing by Raghavendra Kamath.

It was great meet-up where we discuss about image processing using the GIMP tool which is an open source tool.

Learn about Mask, Layer, Color curve using GIMP tool.

After the meet-up floor was open for discussion where the discussion is about how to encourage schools to use open source tool and aware them about its benefits. I really enjoyed being part of the discussion as being my first day with the ILUG -BOM they don’t let me feel that and appreciate my participation in the discussion.Soon i will share image edit with GIMP tool.

Dgplug Summer Training

One day i was just surfing the internet and just came across the dgplug Summer Training and than magic happens  🙂

Training started on 19th June 2016, from that day some meaningful input comes to the code of my life .Training is going under the guidance of Mr Kushal Das, ex poser which we get meeting the smart people around the world in one hood is great and billion dollar is nothing in front of 2 hours+ time spent in training.

Till now I enjoy being the part of the training and learn a lot..

What I added to Main method of my life from this training?

  • Smart Question – In this session taught about the etiquette of irc, mailing list and how to ask smart question?.
  • FHS- The File Hierarchy Standard (FHS) defines the file system of Unix and Unix like system somewhat like drives in window’s, great session  about filesystem and learn a lot from the session about the Linux GNU/Linux.
  • Vim- A beautiful text editor of which i have only heard about but never tries my hand’s on it , but during this session i try and  found it simply awesome!
  • reStructuredText Primer- I don’t attend this session but going through Log i understand that it is Document generator that can ease your lot of work and you can convert the reStructuredText Primer document into any format but till now learning about how to convert into HTML.

For now that’s all, hope you enjoy the blog post and you will take something valuable from the post.Till next post cheers! and HapPppPpPpPy  Bug Free Life  : )