Notes, Deep Work

Deep work is a great book to reveal the insights to increase your focus and help you to lay some solid foundation to start your deep focus journey. Carl has done a great job explaining the real strategy and examples, how one can start this journey in one’s life.

So I am starting to use some ways as describe in the book to start the deep focus journey. List will progress as I adapt the learning from the book in my life.

  • Removing the distraction from the work desk, space, where you work, should have all the essentials which are necessary for your work(water, paper, pens) and have no things which cause any time of distraction(Mobile phone, Rubik’s cube…).
  • Use time blocking to maintain your schedule, no excuse.
  • Be flexible with the schedule and also have buffers in the slots for any urgent task.
  • Avoid the craving of checking social media every few minutes, this all weakens the power of your deep work.
  • If your work allows, don’t rush to reply to Slack messages as soon as they pop, and should disable the pop-up notification. First I was confused about this then I have a call with my Co-Founder about that, he was cool with that :).
  • Always jot down the next day’s tasks with the time blocking so, you don’t have to waste the morning to layout out all the things. As in my case, I have not any visibility of the things beforehand, but do know the things which I have to initiate in the morning and have my time blocking thing ready and add up things as the day passes by.


How to speak ?

From the past few days I was exploring different resources and How’s to guide to improve my public skills and then stumble upon a great video How To Speak by Patrick Winston. So, here are my notes from that video, enjoy!

How to Start

  • Don’t start with a Joke.
  • Start with the promise by telling them the things they will know at the end of the talk.
  • Build a fence around your idea and be clear what you are going to talk about and should repeat it in the talk.
  • Ask question, this usually helps you to engage people present in the talk, remember that question should not be too easy or too hard.

Time and Space

  • Choose the time of the talk very wisely, so that people joining the talk should be energetic, avoid the time after the lunch as people will be a bit drowsy at that time.
  • Be Always comfortable with the space where you are going to talk, if necessary visit that place beforehand to get familiar with.
  • Space should be well lit.

Tool of the Trade

  • Board
  • Props


  • Remove unnecessary things from slides, it should have meaningful lines only.
  • Font size should be big enough.
  • Don’t read the slides while giving talk, always give time to the listener to read the slides.

How to Stop

  • Don’t end the slide with, Thank You.
  • End it with the contributions, or a Joke 🙂

~ Always remember that Knowledge and practice is greater than talent.


The Richest Man in Babylon- George S. Clason

This is work in progress notes for the book "The Richest man in Babylon"

  • Always keeps 1/10th of the income source for yourself, you got to have to paid yourself first and then spend rest on your needs.
  • Use this money to generate more money for yourself, you can invest this money on yourself by buying books, courses etc or with the advice of an expert invest this money so that it generate more money.
  • When you start earning money from the money you invested do not spend on things that you don’t needed but re-invest this money elsewhere.
  • You should learn to protect your money, a quote from book

    Misfortune loves a shining mark. Gold in a man’s purse must be guarded with firmness, else it be lost. Thus it is wise that we must first secure small amounts and learn to protect them before the Gods entrust us with largerv

  • The first sound principle of investment is security of the principal amount.